Life Insurance

Disability Income (DIR)

Money for your Family:
A death benefit can be used to help pay off debts such as a mortgage, fund college tuition or supplement a spouse’s income.

Money to Help Pay your Bills:
Our Disability Income Rider pays a fixed monthly benefit amount for either 2 or 5 years should you become disabled and unable to work.

Our Accelerated Benefits (ABR)No-Cost Riders – Living Benefits:

With the addition of these no-cost riders, you can access your death benefit
to help cover costs that may be incurred due to a critical, chronic or terminal illness. These expenses might include: Nursing home care, Home health
care, Adult day care, Medical procedures, Drug therapies, Household
expenses, Quality of life expenditures.

The ABRs allow you to access all or part of your death benefit if diagnosed with a critical, chronic or terminal illness. The critical and terminal illness benefit is paid as a lump sum distribution. For chronic illness, you may request to accelerate up to 2% of  the death benefit each month (or 24% per year) not to exceed the IRS per diem limit and the total ABR death benefit amount.

Upside Potential/Downside Protection

Lifetime Income Benefit (LIBR)

Tax-deferred Growth, Tax-Free Distribution

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) is a form of permanent life insurance
which combines pure insurance protection with cash value
accumulation. Premiums paid in excess of the insurance cost
accumulate interest, tax-deferred. These values can be accessed
during your lifetime through withdrawls or loans, tax-free.  You have
options regarding how interest is credited to your cash value. You can
choose to have a fixed interest rate or choose one of several interest rate strategies based on changes in a major market index. These strategies
allow you to take advantage of changes in the market index without the risk
of stock market losses.

No-Cost Rider – Lifetime Income

Outliving retirement income no longer has to be a  fear. Once exercised, the LIBR GUARANTEES you a stream of income for the rest of your life. The benefit payments are deducted from the accumulated value through policy loans. Once the minimum threshold is met, benefit payments will be paid for the life of the insured. A one-time charge will  be deducted from the cash surrender value: all other monthly deductions will be terminated; and the death benefit and cash surrender value will continue to be reduced by the benefit payments until they reach respective minimum floors.

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