Whether you are growing your career, family or business, nearing retirement or already enjoying your retirement years, financial security is always a high priority. And while everyone’s personal finances and goals differ, we all share the same concerns.
What would happen to my children if I die prematurely?

How can I maintain my lifestyle, meet obligations, set money aside for emergencies and still save for retirement?

If anything happened to me, would my family be able to stay in our home?

Would there be enough money for my family to maintain their lifestyle?

Would I be able to afford to send my kids to college?

How do I save enough towards retirement?

Will I outlive my retirement savings?

With changes to government programs like Social Security and Medicare, how much will my assets be eroded by the cost of health care expenses such as nursing home or home health care?

Must my retirement planning include sending the IRS / State 25-40% or more of my retirement?

How can I leave the greatest legacy and protect my estate from significant taxes and settlement costs at death?

We help people answer the four toughest financial questions they face.

1.  What rate of return will I have to earn on my savings and investment dollar to be able to retire at my current standard of living and have my money last through my life expectancy?

2.  How much will I need to save on a monthly or annual basis to be able to retire at my current standard of living and my money last till life expectancy?

3.  Doing what I am currently doing, how long will I have to work to be able to retire and live my current lifestyle until life expectancy?

4.  If I don’t do anything different than I am doing today, how much will I have to reduce my standard of living at retirement for my money to last to my life expectancy?

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